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About me

My name is Roman Goldrin. Since 1982 I have been helping people, giving them the possibility to feel freedom from diseases, fears and depression.

I assist people in connecting with their souls so they can live easily and full of joy!

By giving people the possibility to save money on medication I give them the chance to fly in their sleep, and also in reality. I love to fly myself as well.

Before we start working together, there has to be a half-hour paid consultation by phone, skype or in person, after which a decision about the expediency and format of the treatment will be taken.

IMPORTANT! I do not heal, give advice, hypnotise, program, pump people up with energy, or correct karma!

I help people to learn to hear and understand the signals of their bodies and Souls, to ask the necessary questions, to receive answers, to try and take decisions. And if you are honest with youself and brave enough to take this Path, you will benefit from HEALING, KNOWLEDGE, ENERGY, JOY AND THE MEANING OF LIFE!


Most of all I like the feeling of freedom, lightness, flying while sleeping and in reality, travels through time and space. But it hasn’t always been this way…

I recognised very early on, while I was still a student, the connection between our emotions, decisions we have taken, and health. At that time I found myself in hospital with a very serious illness. That’s when I realised the connection between my action the week before and my current health issue. My sincere prayer for forgiveness and my awareness gave a sharp push towards recovery. Since 1995 I have not turned to any doctor and have not used any medication. I test all the methods on myself first, and only offer those methods in which I have confidence and which are totally safe. In an effort to understand the primary cause of pain and human suffering, I travelled from massage, manual therapy, osteopathy, applied kinesiology to transpersonal psychology, thanatothepary and healing through memories. I carry out individual techniques and trainings, group trainings and retreats in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Germany and the USA.

What is a retreat? We will go to a warm sea or to the mountains for some time. For instance, for a week. Every morning we will do a warm-up using breathing technics and meditation. During the day – individual work: manual therapy, physiotherapy, kinesiology, thanatotherapy, different kinds of massage, depending on the clients’ needs. In the evening – intellectual leisure time: conversations on topics supporting the work during the day. In the mountains we will explore warming up practices. A trip like this will help you to restore your energy, to open a source of strength and joy inside of you, in order to live a full life and carry out your work most efficiently.

From different methods I have created my own synthesis «Touch Soul Therapy» (Touching the Soul. The core of the method – to help recover the connection with one’s soul through the body, using methods of breathing, movement and deep relaxation. It is used in small groups as well as individually),
the method «Heart Breath», and released a video book «How to breathe to be healthy».

Education and skills

  • 2013 – thanatotherapy certificate from Vladimir Baskakov, Thanatotherapy Institute
  • 2010 – Stanislav Groff’s seminar ”Holotropic breathing”
  • 2006 – John Diamond’s course ”Vital Energy”
  • 2005 – Peep Vain’s course ”From manager to trainer” where I took the final decision that I wanted to help people by not only healing them, but also teaching them
  • 2005 – developed an author program on harmonization of load and restoring of the balance of muscle tone, in cooperation with the president of the Estonian Shaping Union Irina Predko
  • Starting from 2004 have held several seminars for specialists and common people on applied kinesiology, interconnection between emotions, nutrition, breathing and movement topics in Tallinn
  • 2003 – gave number of lectures on applied kinesiology for doctors in Vilnius and Kaunas
  • 2002 – finished medical school with nurse speciality
  • 1999-2005 – listened to 16 different courses as part of the applied kinesiology program
  • 1999 – passed primary course on visceral manual therapy by professor Vasilyeva
  • 1998 – manual therapy advanced training courses for doctors under the guidance of Professor Ivanichev
  • 1997-1998 – manual therapy courses under the guidance of Professor Horinova (Professor Levit’s School, Prague University)
  • 1996 – 3 months course on manual therapy for doctors in Tartu University
  • 1991 – passed one of the first NLP courses (Neuro-linguistic programming) given by Aleksey Sitnikov
  • 1991 – graduated with honours from the Estonian Agricultural Academy in Tartu
  • 1982 – studied physiology and human anatomy as part of a program of the Leningrad University of Physical Culture and Sports
  • Thanks to the help of my father Aleksandr Goldrin (honoured teacher and athletics coach) I mastered the classical sport massage program by Sakrizov-Serazini and became acquinted with the principal knowledge of accupuncture.

I help people with the following requests:


spine and joint diseases


muscle pain




diseases of internal organs




disorders of the cardiovascular system


weight problems




hormonal disorders


infertility and reproductive system problems


different addictions


difficulties with the realisation of oneself in life




troubled relationships


difficulties with making choices or taking decisions


inability to understand the signals of your body and restoring your own energy


lack of joy in life


inability to find your "I"


lack of meaning of life


fear of pain and other things


fear of performing


fear of death


fear of loss and change


fear of success and failure


fear of height


fear of flying

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Interconnection between body and mind: the muscle tone is controlled by an electrical impulse from the nervous system, which in turn is controlled by the hormonal system, which is directly connected to emotions, information and reflexes.

Common thinking is based on verbal information. A person perceives emotions and feelings only through the body, on a non-verbal level.

Why is there a connection at all between the consciousness processes and feelings, and pain in the body?


  1. Normally a person isn’t used to paying attention to changes in sensations inside the body, and linking them to his thoughts and actions.
  2. When the signals of the body are ignored for a long time the person loses his energy, gets very tired, gets into depression and experiences physical pain.
  3. Pain is a signal to the consciousness from the autonomic nervous system that goals and demands from the central nervous system towards the body are excessive and are in violation of the principles of balance.

In order to live a whole, happy and healthy life, a person must be in a stable balance. The main reason of losing this balance – being dishonest with oneself.

When a person is unconscious, dependent on different programs and evaluation systems, he does not want to see the interconnection between his thoughts, actions and state of his body. Because if he sees it that will force him to make some changes in his life. And because the outcome of these changes are unknown and variabel, it causes a subconscious fear of emotions which pushes a person to hyperactivity or a reaction of paralysis.


I can say a lot about Roman Goldrin, and only good things. He is an absolutely unique specialist, very talented, his hands are astonishing. He works very accurately, with the highest quality, he knows a lot and is able to convey his knowledge very well! I would love to become his client, unfortunately he lives too far away.

Vladimir Baskakov

Psychologist, author of thanatotherapy method

I am really glad that I have such a friend and assistant as Roman Goldrin. He helped me out many times in respect to health and work. Exercises with my health and energetics have helped and are helping me to do my job as well as possible. Roman is an expert of the highest level, he very quickly finds the reasons of diseases and stress. And not only diagnoses but also helps to get rid of them with very simple yet very powerful methods. All the knots and undissolved situations which prevent us from living at our full potential will just disappear.

Peep Vain

Coach, lector, writer, businessman

Roman, there are some people on Earth, who are like the Sun. After communication with them you start shining from the inside out. You are that kind of person to me. Thank you for being there. Thank you for your book!

Yekaterina Tryapichkina

Multiple swimming champion for Estonia, scuba diver, freediver

In the year 2008, life gave me a meeting with Roman Goldrin. At that moment I was a housewife with hypertension, and I could not imagine my life without medication. Today I am a dance-movement therapist (the medication has remained in 2008). This amazing transformation happened thanks to Roman! With his help I gained faith in myself, in my own strength, in the fact that I can change a great deal in my life. You only need to want to:) Roman has shown me how bright our life can be, and how much pleasure it contains. I overcame a lot of my fears which prevented me from living my life and moving forward. Each meeting with Roman was something which made my Soul come to life. And all that in a safe and confidential environment that Roman manages to create.

Irina Karpats

Dance-movement therapist

Roman Goldrin is a person with a unique talent to understand the language of the body. He is a beautiful negotiator who helps a person to establish communication between body and soul. Knowledge, wisdom and willingness to help other people are part of Roman’s success formula. Those are also the things people appreciate about him.

Giedrius Švetkauskas

Manager at Viva Persona, Lithuania

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do for me and my family. You really are a great person and specialist. You have helped me to find a connection between my body and soul… Now I am the happiest person in the world. You are very dedicated to your work, and our meetings were unforgettable! With great gratitude I remember, how you left your family on multiple occasions during weekends and evenings so you could help me. You are always there, you always know how to guide us, patients, on the path of self-healing, penetrating into the depths of our souls. Over the years that we’ve known each other, you’ve become a teacher and friend to me. With all my gratitude and love.

Valentina Smirnova

Roman Goldrin is a genius kinetics therapist. He very creatively uses a method of muscle testing. Roman leads a person to very deep levels of subconsiousness. Through this he helps to find the core of the individual, to find balance between goals, thoughts and emotions. A person finds trust in themselves, their intuition and through this, in their surroundings.

Violeta Barvidiene

Doctor of Social Sciences at the ISM University of Management and Economics

Roman is a person with warm and very powerful energies. Exercises with Roman during the last 4 years have led to colossal changes in my life. I consider the day of our meeting, the 13th of March, as my second birthday. Roman helps me to hear myself, to find the answers to my deepest questions, to become more confident in myself, to become full of light and love and to start living at a full extent and to create. I am infinitely grateful that we met and for our friendship!

Maria Batman

I turned to Roman as a therapist several years ago because of real health problems, and with a feeling that my soul didn’t want to live anymore. I remember that at the beginning I had to answer the question if I was ready to change my life in a loud voice. So I did. From that moment I became an adult, taking responsibility for my own life. After Roman’s therapy I became healthy and made a huge development on a spiritual level. That is why I consider Roman my teacher. The kind of teacher who constantly remains in contact with his pupils, even when they’re physically far away. His competence is of a very high level, but I specifically would like to point out his unconditional Love with which he approaches everyone. His loving care is endless. And it is continuously expanding.
Later on, I saw Roman during courses, practics and ceremonies. And again I fully appreciated his professionalism. I believe his level of qualification deserves respect and admiration. Medical knowledge is closely intertwined with recognized spiritual practics and Roman uses this combination in his therapy in a very unique style. I would say this is a high level synergy of healing and therapy which in a combination with love opens the way for us to a connection with god.
This is my experience and I am so grateful to Life for this present – meeting Roman and the possibility to learn from him.
Thank you.

Tiina Kullerkupp

Artist and dance therapist

Please leave you contact details and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible. In case of any questions, you can contact me by phone:
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